This from Chris

This from Chris…

On August 11, 1999, our Sun moved wholly into a band of intense light that emanates from Galactic Center and is distributed along the galactic equator. This motion into the photon band allows the sun to access the flow of high vibrational photons that are relayed to us via the expulsions of balls of plasma called coronal mass ejections. This high vibrational light is exciting all of life to become conscious. As we wake new concepts and technologies occur to us. This is the ministry of Divine Grace. Some raise the specter of doom from a sun gone wild. Others seek to suppress the awakening energies with war and rumors of war, chemtrails, and HAARP. There is no going back. the Sun moves deeper into the Photon Band and the Earth spends an ever increasing portion of each year in the Band. No surprise that Earth will exit the Galactic Night totally on December 21, 2012.

As planetary specie we must prepare and access space migration. We must become galactic citizens. To facilitate this process, we need to examine the truth of our nature as beings of Light, which are being amped and tuned by the solar pulsations. The vehicle of migration, i.e. ascension, is the self-aware human energy body, often referred to as Merkaba. “Activation” or awareness of Merkaba empowers us as co-creators of cosmic significance by way of our chakra or energy system consciously directed by the Heart-Mind link. This is a natural and spontaneous result of evolution that can be fostered and encouraged with a meditative practice, an energetic yoga, which we call the Merkaba meditation.


Chris, do you have any advice as to how to best go about this transition?

Why yes, thank you very much for asking.

For those of you who have been following the action a quick recap….

Planet Earth, reeling through fibonacci sequencing, dipping into and out of the galactic ecliptic ( photon band), approaches  conscious galactic synchrony. Noospheric unity is imminent, sparking on and off  like alternating current as We come online.

Pulsar Kyron sojourns  from Galactic Center…emissary of Hunab Ku (your highest galactic holographic existence). Nasa reveals that this Magnatar “exploded” (pulsed) on December 24, 2004 releasing more energy than has ever been released in this galaxy …literally right in our neighborhood. NASA call this a  Soft Gamma Repeater

These gamma rays have impacted and saturated our local and personal fields long hence. We feel as though we are “flying through dimensions” as our frequency increases. We are driven with wild intensity to find our solace, our resonance, our bliss.

Sharp corners are being rounded, square pegs extracted from round holes, resistance is futile and painful into the bargain. Gamma pulsations are the wave …individuated consciousness (you) are the particle. The particle must surf the wave. This is a cosmic Tsunami folks. Like Enki said to his “Noah”…make yourself a self sustained submersible craft, get aboard  and let it rain, let it rain, let it rain…

As to the nature of the submersible…

more will be revealed.

“The Merkaba is the goal of our human evolution…with the awareness of the activation of whirling counter rotating fields of Light that contain Bodhi and Soul, one becomes capable of a 17 breath practice that empowers by way of en-light-enment i.e. the direct reception of pranic Light through the 8th chakra pyramid into your open Heart of compassion. This  empowers cosmic in-struction and self directed multidimensional navigation. Your realized 56 foot diameter sphere of Light holds 1000 time more  Light than previously. This capacitor of Light fuels all of you and the vortical source of this multidimensional Light is infinite…you’ll never run out…this, the open overflowing heart of compassion, is the Holy Grail.”

Dear and strong hearts, let us go forward united in the purpose of truth, goodness, and beauty. Truly we are the ones for whom the world has waited. Starseeds, walk-ins, crawl-ins, as well as those billions lost in Time, share the task. Etheric assistance rains down upon us as we request. The multidimensional matrix is available to all who attend.

As for me, I am assisting the birth of a Planetary Art Node here in NC.  I have petitioned Spirit to guide me in my revelation of Merkaba science to the sons and daughters of  humankind.

” In all my travels as the facts unravel, I promise to be true.”



Ain’t got no regrets

And I ain’t losin’ track

Of which way I’m going

Ain’t gonna double back


Don’t want no misplay

Put on no display

An angel? no!

But I know my way


I used to follow

Yeah, that’s true

But my following days are over

Now I just gotta follow through


I remember what my father said

He said “Son, life is simple”

It’s either cherry red or


Midnight Blue

(Lou Gramm/Foreigner)


The Merkaba is the crystalline energy field that surrounds and contains your physical body. This is the Ascension vehicle. The activation of your Merkaba vehicle is a fundamental prerequisite to advanced energy work. All experience is more vivid and meaningful when the Merkaba meditation is practiced regularly.The comprehension of Merkaba enables conscious co-creation and empowers the practitioner to intentionally structure reality. This is the tool that will enable you to follow your bliss. The remembrance of the Merkaba is a natural organic unfolding of the DNA code and is your birthright…Merkaba is empowerment


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